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Get Rid of Ants in West Covina, Covina and Glendora California

Ant Control Home Business West Covina GlendoraWith the start of summer the ants are hyperactive. Water is their principal goal.

But they’re also always looking for food. And they are annoying!

Trying to control ants with over the counter products is effective for minor activity. But you can’t always get the ants you don’t see. The nests can be hidden out of sight, and when you don’t know it, the ant colonies start “budding” – one colony will break off to become 2 or 3.

Versa-Tech can help! One ant management service can last all summer.


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Pest Control Bee Swarm Removal – West Covina

Pest Control Insect bee Swarm CovinaThis is a Bee Ball.  A bee swarm like this one can bee intimidating when the bees swarm is active. Like a bee tornado.

But when the temperature drops the bees all huddle together to protect the queen and keep warm. This is a good time to relocate the bees.

Versa-Tech can remove bees, but unlike other companies, Versa-Tech can also repair the damage that is caused by bee removal**

**Limitations apply

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