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Versa-Tech’s proactive Pest Management Programs are among the best in the industry. We are a full-service Pest Management Company capable of controlling any issue. We study your business and facilities.


And we are fast. We can be at your place of business immediately.

Versa-Tech can create a custom Pest Management Program tailored to inspect and treat all aspects of your business regardless of size. It is our business to protect your business.

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What are Bed Bugs? Riverside CA

Bed Bugs Bed Bug Control Riverside CABed bugs are small parasitic insects that come out late at night and feed on blood. They bite while you’re asleep. You won’t usually notice the bite marks until the morning.

They are attracted to warm areas and warm rooms. They like beds, bedding, and cracks and joints in furniture and floors.  They can hitchhike their way into your house in many ways.

Let Versa-Tech help get rid of these obnoxious pests. We can inspect your home, advise on treatment, and provide the best solution to control these obnoxious pests.

Don’t be shy. Bed bugs can get into anyone’s house. Call us at 888-429-1213 or visit our website for more information.


Control Bed Bugs – Riverside, CA

Control Bed Bugs Riverside CANo matter where you live, bed bugs can show up. They can hitch a ride on clothes, pets, luggage, backpacks, or new furniture. Bed bugs are hard to spot and only come out late at night, usually around 3 to 5 am. There may be bite marks, or small blood smears on sheets. Bed bugs can leave hundreds of tiny eggs nested in fabric seams or in the crevices and joints of furniture or floor boards, so getting rid of them permanently can be tough.

It’s best to get professional to thoroughly eliminate these obnoxious pests. Versa-Tech has the means and the training to control bed bugs. If you have suspicions, call us and ask: 888-429-1213 , or visit our website.