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Bed Bug Control Rancho Cucamonga Ontario

Bed Bug control in Rancho Cucamonga, Upland & Ontario Califonia

Bed Bug Control Pest Control Cucamonga OntarioYou can confirm a bed bug infestation not just by seeing a live one, but also by seeing what they leave behind.

Small black spots, or groups of black patches, on the sides or bottom of box springs are an indication of Bed Bugs. These are areas they like to harbor. If you see them, don’t try to treat them –  it only makes infestation worse.

Few companies can properly inspect, consult and treat Bed Bugs. Versa Tech is one .

We can design a proactive Bed Bug program for your hospitality business, rental properties, or home.

We understand the sensitive nature of treating and inspecting for Bed Bugs on site, and work with your preferred schedule to minimize exposure to your clients or guests.

Versa-Tech offers:

  • Flat rate pricing for services
  • Fast response times so rooms and areas can be turned around quickly
  • Train staff and hold regular Q&A meetings for any size group.
  • Set up regular inspection schedules to locate and address issues quickly, before a guest does.

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Cockroach Control – Pest Control. Fullerton & Anaheim CA

Cockroach Control Fullerton Anaheim CA

Versa-Tech will control and eliminate cockroaches invading your home or business.

If you’ve seen a roach scurry across your floor – you can be sure – there’s more where that came from.

We’ll do a complete inspection and let you know where the cockroach trouble spots are.

Versa-Tech looks everywhere – yard, sheds, garage, trash, cracks, pipes and drains in the house or business. Once we have the details, we can give you a custom treatment plan.

We’ll destroy the roaches wherever they are and give you a prevention plan to keep them from coming back.

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Pest Control Service Riverside California

Pest Control. Riverside California

Commercial Pest Control Service

Hotel Motel Restaurant

Versa-Tech’s proactive Pest Management Programs are among the best in the industry. We are a full-service Pest Management Company capable of controlling any issue. We study your business and facilities.


And we are fast. We can be at your place of business immediately.

Versa-Tech can create a custom Pest Management Program tailored to inspect and treat all aspects of your business regardless of size. It is our business to protect your business.

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Ant Control – Get Rid of Ants. Pasadena CA

Get Rid Of Ants Ant Trails Glendale CAAnts can go from the yard, under the patio, through seams or a tiny hole hole in the wall, to invade your kitchen.

Ants will find a way. The Argentine ants are especially troublesome in these summer months.

There are simple and inexpensive ways to naturally control small numbers of ants in and around your home — first and foremost by keeping kitchen sinks and counters clean and dry, with no food left out.

But if you have a major ant problem, simple tricks won’t make the problem go away. You may need to hire a professional pest control expert to handle it for you.

In that case, call Versa-Tech to control your stubborn ant invasions in restaurants or apartments.

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Pest Control Bee Swarm Removal – West Covina

Pest Control Insect bee Swarm CovinaThis is a Bee Ball.  A bee swarm like this one can bee intimidating when the bees swarm is active. Like a bee tornado.

But when the temperature drops the bees all huddle together to protect the queen and keep warm. This is a good time to relocate the bees.

Versa-Tech can remove bees, but unlike other companies, Versa-Tech can also repair the damage that is caused by bee removal**

**Limitations apply

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Pest Control for Warehouse Store or Restaurant. Ontario, CA

Ontario Pest Control Warehouse Store CAVersa-Tech provides the most professional and proactive Commercial Pest Management in the industry. Our Commercial Integrated Pest Management Programs go beyond pest management to include logistics, sanitation, and building maintenance to proactively control pests.

Our technicians are AIB and Purdue University trained to implement the best food and shipment handling practices. Our programs include regular inspections, written communication and walk-throughs to address conducive conditions before becoming issues.

This is how Versa-Tech has brought accountability into the industry. You have enough things to worry about, you Pest Management Service should not be one of them.


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Control Bed Bugs – Riverside, CA

Control Bed Bugs Riverside CANo matter where you live, bed bugs can show up. They can hitch a ride on clothes, pets, luggage, backpacks, or new furniture. Bed bugs are hard to spot and only come out late at night, usually around 3 to 5 am. There may be bite marks, or small blood smears on sheets. Bed bugs can leave hundreds of tiny eggs nested in fabric seams or in the crevices and joints of furniture or floor boards, so getting rid of them permanently can be tough.

It’s best to get professional to thoroughly eliminate these obnoxious pests. Versa-Tech has the means and the training to control bed bugs. If you have suspicions, call us and ask: 888-429-1213 , or visit our website.